Introduction to Special Issue on: ‘Inequalities in the Least Developed Countries – Some Lessons from Africa’

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This special issue comprises six papers analysing different dimensions of inequalities in African countries. Three papers deal with the trend in inequality in consumption in Mozambique, with multidimensional poverty in four sub‐Saharan countries, and with the relationship between living conditions and subjective well‐being in African countries. The other three are focused on gender issues and are focused on Mozambique, dealing with gender inequalities in the access to contract farming arrangements as well as to employment out of subsistence agriculture, or with the effect of women’s empowerment on children’s health. This introduction provides a short overview of how they contribute to a better understanding of inequalities in low‐income countries.
TidsskriftSouth African Journal of Economics
Udgave nummer2
Sider (fra-til)87-90
StatusUdgivet - 19 jun. 2019

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