EPRU organizes a weekly seminar, usually on Fridays from 13:00 to 14:00.These seminars are open to everyone. The place of the seminar is Øster Farimagsgade 5, building 26 , room 26.1.21B

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Previous Seminars

"Housing, Mortgages, and Self Control" Kathrin Schlafmann, IIES, Stockholm. (March 16, 2018, 11.00)

"Corporate Debt Maturity and Investment over the Business Cycle", Johannes Pöschl, Danmarks Nationalbank. (December 15, 2017, 13.00)

"Financial Innovation, House Prices and Consumption", Claes Bäckman , Lund University (December 1, 2017, 13.00)

"The Basic Environmental Economics of the Circular Economy" Peter Birch Sørensen, University of Copenhagen (November 17, 2017, 13.00)

"More Gas, Less Coal, and Less CO2? Unilateral CO2 Reduction Policy with More than One Carbon Energy Source", Julien Daubanes, IFRO, University of Copenhagen (November 10, 2017, 13.00)

"Altruism and strategic giving in children and adolescents", Isabelle Brocas, University of Southern California (October 11, 2017, 13.00)

"Rethinking the Foundations of International Economics and Finance" Robert F. Owen, University of Nantes. (October 6, 2017, 13.00)

"Sticky Expectations and Consumption Dynamics" Christopher Caroll, John Hopkins University. (October 4, 2017, 14.30)

"Immigration and the Macroeconomy: Some New Empirical Evidence" Francesco Furlanetto, Norges Bank. (October 4, 2017, 13.00)

"Overpersistence bias in individual income expectations and its aggregate implications" Filip Rozsypal, Danmarks Nationalbank (September 29, 2017, 13.00)

EPRU Policy seminar: Former prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen about the Danish economic policy 2001-09 (September 28, 2017, 15.15)

”A Trade Based Optimal Voting Rule for the International Monetary Fund” David Jinkins, Copenhagen Business School. (September 8, 2017, 13.00)

"Life-Cycle Saving Dynamics: Evidence from Unexpected Inheritances", Jeppe Druedahl, University of Copenhagen (September 1, 2017, 13.00)

"Teenage Daughters as a Cause of Divorce", Jan Kabátek, University of Melbourne. (June 30, 2017, 13.00)

"Price Setting under Uncertainty About Infaltion", Andres Drenik, Columbia University. (June 16, 2017, 13.00)

”Saving Behavior around Intended and Unintended Childbirths” Thomas Høgholm Jørgensen, University of Copenhagen. (June 9, 2017, 13.00)

"Global earnings inequality, 1970–2015", Daniel Waldenström, Paris School of Economics. (May 19, 2017, 13.00)

"Job Displacement, Family Dynamicsand Spousal Labor Supply" Andrea Weber, Vienna University of Economics. (May 5, 2017, 13.00)

"Sustainable Intergenerational Insurance "Francesco Lancia, University of Vienna. (April 28, 2017, 13.00)

"The Young, the Old, and the Government: Demographics and Fiscal Multipliers", Omar Rachedi, Bank of Spain (April 21, 2017, 13.00)

"Linking Services to Manufacturing Exports", Björn Thor Arnarson, University of Copenhagen. (April 7, 2017, 13.00)

"Psychotherapy Coverage and Psychiatric Hospital Offsets - Evidence from age Thresholds in Depression Treatment in Denmark", Benjamin Ly Serena, University of Copenhagen. (March 31, 2017, 13.00)

"Screening through Activation: Differential Effects of a Youth Activation Programme", Kaisa Kotakorpi, University of Turku. (March 17, 2017, 13.00)

"Missing Miles: Avoidance and Evasion Responses to Car Taxes", Jarkko Harju, VATT, Finland. (March 3, 2017, 13.00)

"The Role of Gender in Employment Polarization" Alessio Moro, University of Cagliari. (February 10, 2017, 13.00)

"The State of American Entrepreneurship:New Estimates of the Quantity and Quality of Entreperneurship for 15 US States, 1988-2014", Scott Stern, MIT, Sloan School (December 16, 2016, 13.00)

"The effect of border-crossing taxation on financial- and locational choices of Multinationals - a global perspective on CFC legislation" Sarah Clifford, University of Copenhagen. (December 2, 2016, 13.00)

"The Liquid Hand-to-Mouth: Evidence from Personal Finance Management Software", Arna Olafsson, Copenhagen Business School. (November 18, 2016, 13.00)

"Leading indicators of house price bubbles" Simon Juul Hviid, Nationalbanken: 'Leading indicators of house price bubbles' (October 28, 2016, 13.00)

"The Effect of House Prices on Household Borrowing: A New Approach" Henrik Kleven, London School of Economics (October 14, 2016, 13.00)

"Importing Political Polarization? The Electoral Consequences of Rising Trade Exposure", Kaveh Majlesi, Lund University. (October 7, 2016, 13.00)

"Flypaper Effect in Municipal Finance: A Regression Kink Design" Marko Köthenbürger, ETH Zürich (September 30, 2016, 13.00)

"Trade and Labor Market Dynamics" Lorenzo Caliendo, Yale University. (September 23, 2016, 13.00)

"Seminar for students about a new collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Employment offering new opportunities" (September 16, 2016, 12.15)

EPRU/Department seminar: "Two-sided Search in International Markets" Jim Tybout, Penn State University. (September 13, 2016, 14.00)

"Fiscal Federalism, Taxation and Grants", Martin Gonzalez Eiras, University of Copenhagen (September 9, 2016, 13.00)

CANCELLED "On the Accumulation of Wealth: the Role of Inheritance", David Seim, Stockholm University." (September 2, 2016, 13.00)

EPRU Policy Seminar: "The History of Free Banking and the Gold Standard, and their Relevance for the Future", Lawrence H. White, Georg Mason University. (June 14, 2016, 15.00)

EPRU Policy seminar, "An Ex Ante Assessment of the 2014 Dong Energy Deal", Niels-Jakob Harbo Hansen, IIES, Stockholm. (June 3, 2016, 16.00)

"Swedish Unemployment Dynamics: New Methods and Results" Niels-Jakob Harbo Hansen, IIES, Stockholm. (June 3, 2016, 13.00)

"Political institutions, economic liberty and the great divergence" Gary W. Cox, University of Stanford (June 2, 2016, 11.00)

"Modern Family: Female Breadwinners and the Intergenerational Transmission of Gender Norms", Panos Mavrokonstantis, London School of Economics (May 27, 2016, 13.00)

“Monetary Policy at Work: Security and Credit Application Registers Evidence", Jose-Luis Peydró Alcalde, Universidad Pompeu Fabre (May 19, 2016, 13.30)

"Stirring Up a Hornets' Nest: Geographic Distribution of Crime", Sebastian Galiani, University of Maryland. (May 13, 2016, 13.00)

"Minimum Wages and Youth Unemployment: Evidence from a Danish Discontinuity", Claus Thustrup Kreiner, University of Copenhagen (April 29, 2016, 13.00)

"Do Higher Corporate Taxes Reduce Wages? Micro Evidence from Germany" Andreas Peichl, University of Mannheim. (April 1, 2016, 13.00)

"What Are the Electoral Consequences of Campaign Spending Limits?" Alexander Fouirnaies, Oxford University (March 30, 2016, 13.30)

EPRU Policy Seminar, "The Case for Flexible Exchange Rates is Intellectually Bankrupt" Robert Aliber, University of Chicago (March 16, 2016, 13.15)

"A Test for an Efficient Factor Allocation and Bounds on Potential Output Gains", Thomas Schelke, University of Cologne. (March 11, 2016, 13.00)

"The Nature and Predictive Power of Preferences: Global Evidence", Thomas Dohmen, University of Bonn. (February 26, 2016, 13.00)

"The Superstar and the Followers:Intra-Firm Product Complementarity in International Trade" Björn Thor Arnarson, University of Lund. (February 12, 2016, 13.00)

"Portfolio Network Effects: Family, Colleagues, or Neighbours?" Olga Balakina, Bocconi University. (February 5, 2016, 13.00)

"Employment Structure and the Rise of the Modern Tax System", Anders Jensen, London School of Economics. (December 18, 2015, 13.00)

"Housing Consumption and Wealth in Old Age: Event Study of Home Equity Withdrawal when a Partner Dies", Amalie Sofie Jensen, University of Copenhagen (December 11, 2015, 13.00)

"Dishonesty and Selection into Public Service in Denmark: Who Runs theWorld’s Least Corrupt Public Sector?", Sebastian Barfort, University of Copenhagen. (November 27, 2015, 13.00)

"Taxation and the Optimal Constraint on Coporate Debt Finance: Why a Comprehensive Business Income Tax is Suboptimal" Peter Birch Sørensen, University of Copenhagen (November 20, 2015, 13.00)

"Large and Influential: Firm Size and Governments' Corporate Tax Rate Choice?" Nadine Riedel, Ruhr Universität Bochum. (November 6, 2015, 13.00)

"Demographics and Real Interest Rates: Inspecting the Mechanism", Andrea Ferrero, University of Oxford. (October 23, 2015, 13.00)

Policy seminar: "Effekter af dagpengereformer" (October 23, 2015, 15.15)

"Dodging the Taxman:Firm Misreporting and Limits to Tax Enforcement" Dina Pomeranz, Harvard Business School. (October 9, 2015, 13.00)

"Why might the Old Vote Against a Sovereign Default?", Martin Gonzalez-Eiras, University of Copenhagen (October 2, 2015, 13.00)

EPRU Policy Seminar "Geographical Job Mobility and Wage Flexibility in Denmark", Mark Strøm Kristoffersen, Nationalbanken (September 25, 2015, 13.00)

"Are Donors Afraid of Charities’ Core Costs? Scale Economies in Non-profit Provision and Charity Selection", Kimberley Scharf, University of Warwick. (September 18, 2015, 13.00)

"Endogenous Labor Share Cycles: Theory and Evidence", Jakub Growiec, Warsaw School of Economics. (September 11, 2015, 13.00)

"The Consumption Effects of the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis: Evidence from Household-level data" Niels Johannesen, University of Copenhagen. (September 4, 2015, 13.00)

"Understanding worker-level consequences of import shocks", Katariina Nilsson-Hakkala, VATT Institute of Economic Research. (June 23, 2015, 13.00)

"Domestic Value Added in Exports: Theory and Firm Evidence from China", Heiwai Tang, John Hopkins University. (June 8, 2015, 11.00)

"Experimenting with Ash: The Trade-Effects of Effects of Airspace Closures in the Aftermath of Eyjafjallajökull" Tibor Besedes, Georgia Institute of Technology. (June 3, 2015, 14.00)

"Domestic Trade and Inequality", David Jinkins, Copenhagen Business School. (May 29, 2015, 13.00)

"The Interaction Between Household and Firm Dynamics and the Amplification of Financial Shocks" Andrea Caggese, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. (May 22, 2015, 13.00)

"The Effect of Divorce on Children’s Outcomes", Jessica Laird, Harvard University (May 21, 2015, 13.00)

"Optimal Population and Exhaustible Resource Constraints" Nicholas Lawson, Aix-Marseille School of Economics. (May 8, 2015, 13.00)

"Inattention and Inertia in Household Finance: Evidence from the Danish Mortgage Market", Steffen Andersen, Copenhagen Business School. (April 24, 2015, 13.00)

"Trends in Intergenerational Income Mobility in Denmark" Martin David Munk, Centre for Stratification Research and Centre for Mobility Research, Pol. Sci., AAU-CPH (April 17, 2015, 13.00)

"Off the Waterfront: The long-run impact of technological change on dock workers", Zouheir El-Sahli, Lund University. (April 10, 2015, 13.00)

EPRU Policy seminar: "De seneste års reformer på beskæftigelsesområdet", Claus Andersen, Beskæftigelsesministeriet (March 27, 2015, 13.00)

"Commodity taxation and regulatory competition", Simone Moriconi, Catholic University of Milan. (March 13, 2015, 13.00)

"Can Nurture Trump Nature? Childhood Environment and Adult Health in a Large Sample of Adoptees" Mårten Palme, Stockholm University. (March 6, 2015, 13.00)

"The Scandinavian Fantasy: The Sources of Intergenerational Mobility in Denmark and the U.S.", Rasmus Landersø, Rockwoolfondens forskningsenhed. (February 27, 2015, 13.00)

"Socio-emotional development and learning in school", Daniel Santos, University of Sao Paolo. (February 5, 2015, 11.00)

EPRN Policy seminar om om indretning af dagpengesystemet, Professor og Vismand Michael Svarer, Aarhus Universitet (December 19, 2014, 10.00)

"Does Credit-Card Information Reporting Improve Small-Business Tax Compliance?", Joel Slemrod, University of Michigan. (December 12, 2014, 13.00)

”Rethinking the Effects of Financial Liberalization”, Fernando Broner, CREI. (December 5, 2014, 13.00)

"Does Regression Discontinuity Design Work? Evidence from Random Election Outcomes" Janne Tukiainen, Government Insitute for Economic Research, VATT. (November 21, 2014, 13.00)

"Preference Identification Under Inconsistent Choice: A Reduced-Form Approach" Daniel Reck, University of Michigan. (November 14, 2014, 13.00)

EPRU Policy seminar: "A Taylor rule for Fiscal Policy in a Fixed Exchange Rate Regime", Jesper Pedersen, Nationalbanken (November 7, 2014, 13.00)

CAM/EPRU seminar: "Tímber Cycles" John Rust, Georgestown University. (October 31, 2014, 13.00)

"Austerity", Dirk Niepelt, Study Center Gerzensee. (October 24, 2014, 13.00)

"Information Flow in Networks of Former Coworkers", Albrecht Glitz, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. (October 10, 2014, 13.00)

"Monetary or Non-Monetary Instruments for Safe Driving: Panel Data Evidence on the Effect of Demerit-Point–System in Denmark" Kibrom Araya Abay, University of Copenhagen. (October 3, 2014, 13.00)

"Sectoral interdependence and business cycle synchronization in small open economies" Tommy Sveen, BI Norwegian Business School (September 26, 2014, 13.00)

"Phoenix Rising From the Ashes: New Evidence on National Fiscal Rules in the EU", Michael Bergman, University of Copenhagen. (September 19, 2014, 13.00)

"Labour Supply and Optimization Frictions: Evidence from the Danish student labour market" Jakob Egholt Søgaard, University of Copenhagen (September 12, 2014, 13.00)

"Who monitors the monitors? Effect of party observers on electoral outcomes" Agustin Casas, Universidad Carlos III. (July 29, 2014, 13.00)

"Rethinking Deindustrialization" Valerie Smeets, Aarhus University. (June 6, 2014, 13.00)

"Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivations for Tax Compliance. Evidence from a Field Experiment in Germany" Nadja Dwenger, Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance (May 23, 2014, 13.00)

"A Positive Theory of Tax Reform" Ethan Ilzetski, London School of Economics. (May 2, 2014, 13.00)

"How Do Voters Respond to Information? Evidence from a Randomized Campaign" Tommaso Nannicini, Bocconi University. (April 30, 2014, 14.00)

"Trade, Wages, and Firm-Level Bargaining: Evidence from France" Juan Carluccio, Banque de France. (March 14, 2014, 13.00)

EPRU Policy seminar: "Regional Danish housing booms and the effects of financial deregulation and expansionary economic policy" Christian Heebøll-Christensen, KRAKA (February 28, 2014, 13.00)

"The Rise of the Machines: Automation, Horizontal Innovation and Income Inequality", Morten Olsen, IESE Business School, Barcelona (February 21, 2014, 13.00h.)

"Gini's Mean Difference offers a response to Leamer's critique" Shlomo Yitzhaki, Hebrew University. (January 24, 2014, 13.00)

"The Effects of Entry in Bilateral Oligopoly" Christian Søgaard, Warwick University. (December 13, 2013, 13.00)

"Changing Credit Limits, Changing Business Cycles", Søren Hove Ravn, Nationalbanken, (December 6, 2013, 13.00)

WORK IN PROGRESS "Default Propensities Across Generations and Strategic Default Behavior" Louise Willerslev-Olsen, University of Copenhagen. (November 15, 2013, 13.00)

"Credit Cycles with Renegotiation", Martin Gonzalez-Eiras, University of Copenhagen (November 1, 2013, 13.00)

"Can Taxes Tame the Banks? Evidence from the European Bank Levies", Niels Johannesen, University of Copenhagen (October 11, 2013, 13.00)

"Politicians Peer Effects", Nikolaj Harmon, University of Copenhagen (October 4, 2013, 13.00)

"First-Day Criminal Recidivism", Martín Rossi, Universidad de San Andres (October 2, 2013, 13.00)

"The Missing Link: Unifying Risk Taking and Time Discounting" Thomas Epper, University of Zürich. (September 13, 2013, 13.00)

"Origins of Religiousness: The Role of Natural Disasters" Jeanet Sinding Bentzen, University of Copenhagen. (September 6, 2013, kl. 13.00)

EPRU Policy seminar: "Breaking Through the Zero Lower Point", Miles Kimball, University of Michigan & NBER (September 5, 2013, 14.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "North and South: Social Mobility and Welfare Spending in Preindustrial England" Nina Boberg-Fazlic, University of Copenhagen (June 21, 2013, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Trade Labor Reallocation with Hetrogeneous Enforcement of Labor Regulations" Jennifer Poole, University of California, Santa Cruz (May 28, 2013, 14.30)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "The effect of awareness and incentives on tax evasion" Martin Jacob, Otto Beisheim School of Management. (May 17, 2013, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Compliance Behavior in Networks: Evidence from a Field Experiment", Christian Traxler, University of Marburg. (May 3, 2013, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Economics meets statistics: Expected utility and catastrophic risk" Masako Ikefuji, University of Southern Denmark (April 19, 2013, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "The Source of Monetary Turmoil" Robert Z. Aliber, University of Chicago. (April 16, 2013, 13.30)

EPRU/WEST seminar:"Corporate governance and the environment: Evidence from green innovations", Mario D. Amore, Bocconi University. (April 12, 2013, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: ”Intergenerational Wealth Mobility: Evidence from Danish Wealth Records of Three Generations”, Simon H. Boserup, University of Copenhagen (April 5, 2013, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Capital is Back: Wealth-Income Ratios in Rich Countries, 1870-2010", Gabriel Zucman, Paris School of Economics (March 22, 2013, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Alike in Many Ways:Intergenerational and Sibling Correlations of Brothers’ Earnings" Paul Bingley,SFI (February 1, 2013, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar: "The Origins of Primary Education Regimes" Johannes Lindvall, University of Lund. (December 7, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar: "The Ancestral Logic of Politics: Biological Evolution and Political Decisions" Michael Bang Petersen, Aarhus University. (November 30, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: “Balance sheet recessions and time-varying coefficients in a Phillips curve relationship: An application to Finnish data” Katarina Juselius, University of Copenhagen (November 23, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Diasporas and Foreign Direct Investments" Christian Gormsen, Paris School of Economics. (November 16, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar:”"Personality, IQ, and Lifetime Earnings", Miriam Gensowski, University of Chicago (November 9, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Markups and export-pricing strategies" Karin Olofsdotter, University of Lund. (October 19, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU Policy Seminar: "The Ins and Outs of Disincentive Effects of Social Assistance: An RD appproach with Panel Data", Anders Bruun Jonassen, SFI (October 12, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar: "Multinationals, Competition and Productivity Spillovers through Worker Mobility" Katariina Nilsson-Hakkala, Aalto University & Government Institute for Economic Research, Helsinki. (October 5, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Efficient emissions reduction in redistributive agreements" Paul Schweinzer, University of York. (September 28, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Irrigation and Autocracy", Jeanet Sinding Bentzen, University of Copenhagen (September 21, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar: "Extended Unemployment Benefits and Early Retirement: Program Complementarity and Program Substitution", Lukas Inderbitzin, University of St.Gallen (September 7, 2012, 13.00)

KRAKA/EPRN seminar: Samfundsøkonomisk projektvurdering (August 31, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "The Division of Labor in U.S. Cities 1880-2000", Ferdinand Rauch, London School of Economics. (June 22, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Can’t We All Be More Like Scandinavians?" James Robinson, Harvard University. (June 20, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Welfare Effects of IPR Policy in a North-South Trade Model" Teodora Borota, University of Uppsala. (June 7, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Economic and Politico-Economic Equivalence of Fiscal Policies", Martin Gonzalez-Eiras, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez (June 1, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Intertemporal Income Shifting and the Danish 2010 Tax Reform", Peer Skov, Rockwoolfondens Forskningsenhed & Københavns Universitet (May 25, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar:"Banfield or Wilson? Evidence on Family Ties and Civic Virtues", Martin Ljunge, University of Copenhagen. (May 11, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Incentive Strength and Teacher Productivity: Evidence from a Group-Based Teacher Incentive" Michael Lovenheim, Cornell University (April 27, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar:"Is Business Failure Due to Lack of Effort? Empirical Evidence from a Large Administrative Sample" Mette Ejrnæs, University of Copenhagen. (April 20, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "When the baby cries at night. Uninformed and hurried buyers in non-competitive markets" Andrea Ichino, Bologna University. (April 19, 2012, kl. 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Bunching and Non-Bunching at Kink Points of the Swedish Tax schedule" Håkan Selin, Uppsala University (April 13, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU Policy Seminar:"Greenland’s macroeconomic situation", Lars Lund, Copenhagen Business School (March 30, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar:”Lifetime versus Annual Tax Progressivity: Sweden, 1968–2009” Daniel Waldenström, Uppsala University (March 23, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar:"National Responses to Transnational Terrorism: Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Provision", Thomas Jensen, University of Copenhagen (March 16, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Tax- and Wage-Induced Migration of Skilled Labor: A Micro-Data Study of the European Labor Market for Professional Footballers" Jori Pinje, University of Copenhagen. (March 9, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar:"The Child Quantity-Quality Trade-Off during the Industrial Revolution in England" , Marc Patrick Brag Klemp, University of Copenhagen. (March 2, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU Policy Seminar: "Differences across countries in household wealth, debt and savings" Paul Kramp, Nationalbanken (February 24, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar:"Trust Issues:Evidence from Second Generation Immigrants", Martin Ljunge, University of Copenhagen (February 17, 2012, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar:"Skill Complementarity and the Dual Economy”, Asger Moll Wingender, University of Copenhagen (February 10, 2012, 13.00)

"Maquiladoras and informality: a mixed blessing", Alejandro Riano, University of Nottingham. (December 16, 2011, 13.00)

"Immigration and the Product Margins of International Trade", Sanne Hiller, University of Aarhus (December 9, 2011, 12.00)

”The End of Banking Secrecy? An Evaluation of the OECD Transparency Initiative”, Niels Johannesen, University of Copenhagen (December 2, 2011, 13.00)

”Measuring the Deadweight Loss from Taxation in a Small Open Economy”, Peter Birch Sørensen, University of Copenhagen. (November 25, 2011, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar:"Globalization and Imperfect Labor Market Sorting", Fredrik Sjöholm, Lund Universitet. (November 18, 2011, 13.00)

"Cross-Country Differences in the Quality of Human Capital" Nicolai Kaarsen, University of Copenhagen. (November 11, 2011, 13.00)

"Wage Effects of International Return Migration", Mette Foged, University of Copenhagen (October 28, 2011, 13.00)

"Liquidity Effects at the Zero Lower Bound" Signe Krogstrup, Swiss National Bank. Tba. (October 14, 2011, 13.00)

"Timing and Incentives:Impacts of Student Aid on Academic Achievement", Juanna Joenson, Stockholm School of Economics. (October 7, 2011, 13.00)

EPRU Policy Seminar:"Realøkonomiske konsekvenser af finanskrisen", Kim Abildgren, Nationalbanken (September 30, 2011, 13.00)

"How Powerful Was the Pill? Quantifying a Contraceptive Technology Shock", Kelly Ragan, Stockholm School of Economics (September 23, 2011, 13.00)

"Export Growth and Credit Constraints",Tibor Besedes, Georgia Institute of Technology. (September 14, 2011, 13.30)

EPRU/WEST Seminar: "The Missing Wealth of Nations: are Europe and the U.S. Net Debtors or Net Creditors? Gabriel Zucman, Paris School of Economics. (September 2, 2011, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "The Financial Labor Supply Accelerator" Zvi Hercowitz, Tel Aviv University (June 14, 2011, 13.00)

"Quantity Restrictions and Price Adjustment of Chinese Textile Exports to the US" Richard Upward, University of Nottingham (June 10, 2011, 13.00)

"Predicting lotto numbers", Claus Bjørn Jørgensen, University of Copenhagen (May 27, 2011, 13.00)

"Duopoly Equilibrium over Time in the Railroad Industry" Clifford Winston, Brookings Institution. (April 29, 2011, 13.00)

”Financial Instability, Credit Cycles and Monetary Policy”,Christian Heebøll-Christensen, University of Copenhagen (April 15, 2011, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar: "Electoral Budget Cycles in the EMU: An Empirical Challenge to Context Conditionality" Joachim Wehner, London School of Economics. (April 1, 2011, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar: "Attitudes toward Immigration: The Role of Personal Predispositions" Robert Klemmensen, Syddansk Universitet. (March 25, 2011, 13.00)

”Strategic Line Drawing between Debt and Equity”, Niels Johannesen, University of Copenhagen (March 11, 2011, 13.00)

EPRU Policy Seminar: Budget Consolidations in the Aftermath of a Financial Crisis: Lessons from the Swedish Budget Consolidation 1994–1997, Michael Bergman, University of Copenhagen (March 4, 2011, 13.00)

“Taxation of MNEs in the Presence of Internal Capital Markets”, Michael Stimmelmayr, University of Münich (February 25, 2011, 13.00)

"The Market Returns to Private High Schools: Evidence from Mexico", Chiara Binelli, Nuffield College and Oxford University (January 28, 2011, Kl. 13.00)

Maria Knoth Humlum, Aarhus Universitet. "Timing of College Enrollment and Family Formation Decisions" (December 10, 2010, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar "Patronage and Elections in U.S. States" James M. Snyder, Jr., Harvard University. (December 6, 2010, 15.00)

Department Seminar: "The Effects of Competition on Post-Transplant Outcomes in Cadaveric Liver Transplantation under the MELD Scoring System", Harry Paarsch, University of Melbourne. (December 3, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

"Wage and Productivity Dispersion-the Roles of Labor Quality, Capital Intensity and Rent Sharing" Jesper Bagger, Royal Holloway, University of London. (November 26, 2010, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar,"The effect of low corporate tax rate on payroll tax evasion", Boryana Madzharova, Charles University, CERGE-EI. (November 12, 2010, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar,"Business Cycle Dependent Unemployment Insurance", Michael Svarer, Aarhus University. (October 15, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

"Tax Evasion and Optimal Auditing in the Presence of Third-Party Information", Simon H. Boserup, University of Copenhagen. (October 8, 2010, 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar,”Trade and Global Recession”, Jonathan Eaton, Penn State University (October 1, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

"Exit Polls and Voter Turnout" Thomas Jensen, University of Copenhagen. (September 24, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

"Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific", Christopher Dent, University of Leeds. (September 22, 2010, Kl. 15.15)

"Knowledge and Growth in the Very Long-Run", Holger Strulik, University of Hannover. (September 17, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

"Taxing the financially integrated multinational firm", Niels Johannesen, University of Copenhagen (September 10, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

"The Trade Effects of Endogenous Preferential Trade Agreements", Peter Egger, ETH, Zürich (June 18, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

"Technology, Population and Resources: A Schumpeterian Theory of Take-off and Convergence to Sustained Growth" Pietro Peretto, Duke University. (June 4, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar, "Fiscal Governance in Europe" Mark Hallerberg, Hertie School of Governance (May 21, 2010, Kl. 13.30)

EPRU/WEST Seminar, "Finance and Development: A Tale of Two Sectors" Yongseok Shin, University of Washington in St. Louis. (May 12, 2010, kl. 13.00)

"An Optimal Voting Rule for Multilateral Financial Institutions", Martin Gonzalez-Eiras, Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina (May 7, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar "Health and Wealth in a Lifecycle Model" John Karl Scholz, University of Wisconsin - Madison. (April 28, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

CANCELLED "Expectations-Driven Cycles in the Housing Market", Caterina Mendicino, Banco de Portugal. (April 23, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

"Warfare, Fiscal Capacity, and Performance: An Empirical Investigation" Jose Mauricio Prado,University of Cambridge and King's College (April 16, 2010, KL. 13.00)

"Minsky's financial instability hypothesis", Peter Skott, University of Massachusetts. (April 9, 2010, Kl 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar,"International Portfolio Allocation under Model Uncertainty, Salvatore Nistico, Universitá di Roma. (March 26, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

Zeuthen Lecture, Jordi Gali, Universitat Pompeu Fabra "The Role of Unemployment in the Design of Monetary Policy" (March 19, 2010, KL. 10.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar, "Home Ownership, Savings and Mobility Over the Life Cycle" Jonathan Halket, University College London. (March 12, 2010, KL. 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar,"Car Notches", Joel Slemrod, University of Michigan (March 5, 2010, KL. 13.00)

"The Desire for Quality across Products and Destinations" Daniel Nguyen, University of Copenhagen. (February 19, 2010, kl. 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar "Liquidity Constraints of the Middle Class", Zwi Hercowitz, Tel Aviv University (February 12, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

"Late Budgets" Lasse Holbøll Westh Nielsen & David Dreyer Lassen, University of Copenhagen. (February 5, 2010, Kl. 13.00)

"Firm Flexibility and Export Potential" Georg Schaur, University of Tennessee. (December 11, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

EPRU Policy Seminar, "Wage Development in Denmark", Peter Ejler Storgaard, Nationalbanken. (December 4, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Do Foreign Experts Increase the Productivity of Domestic Firms?" Jan Rose Skaksen, Copenhagen Business School. (November 27, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

Frederic Warzynski, Aarhus School of Business. Tba (November 20, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Sick of the Welfare State? Lagged Stigma and Demand for Social Insurance" Martin Ljunge, University of Copenhagen. (November 13, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Business Cycle Synchronization in Europe: Lessons from the Scandinavian Currency Union", Michael Bergman, Københavns Universitet (November 6, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

Capital Taxation and the Long-run Growth, and Bequests, Lars Kunze, Dortmund University (October 30, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Cross-Country Differences in the Quality of Human Capital" Nicolai Kaarsen, University of Copenhagen. (October 16, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Pattern Bargaining and Wage Leadership in a Small Open Economy" Lars Calmfors, University of Stockholm. (September 23, 2009, Kl. 13.15)

"Prejudice and Immigration" Paolo Giordani, LUISS University, Rome. (September 18, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Random queues and risk averse users", Mogens Fosgerau, DTU transport (September 4, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

EPRU/WEST seminar, "Consumption Reponses to In-Kind Transfers: Evidence from the Introduction of the Food Stamp Program" Hilary Hoynes, University of California, Davis. (June 12, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Market Access through Bound Tariffs, Davide Sala, Aarhus University (May 29, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar "A Political Economy Model of Taxation and Government Expenditures with Differentiated Candidates", Mattias Polborn, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. (May 28, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar, Bard Haarstad, Northwestern University. Tba. (May 26, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Effects of Predictable Tax Liability Variation on Household Labor Income", Peter Katuscak, Charles University, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. (May 15, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Education and Democratic Preferences", Mark Gradstein, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. (May 7, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar, The ethics of distribution in a warming planet" John Roemer, Yale University. (May 6, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Consumption and Savings of First Time House Owners: How Do They Deal with Adverse Income Shocks?" Søren Leth-Petersen, University of Copenhagen. (April 24, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"The Olympic Effect" Andrew Rose, University of California, Berkeley. (April 17, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Does Tax Competition Really Promote Growth?" Marko Köthenbürger, University of Copenhagen. (April 3, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

EPRU/WEST Seminar,"Optimal income taxation with endogenous participation and search unemployment", Etienne Lehmann, CREST. (March 27, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Excise Tax Pass-Through on Beverage Prices", Niels Lynggaard Hansen, Danmarks Nationalbank & Michael Bergman, University og Copenhagen (March 20, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Cost-Benefit Analysis of Transport Investments in Distorted Economies" Bruno De Borger, University of Antwerpen. (March 16, 2009, kl. 13.00)

"Tax Evasion and Foreign Bank Deposits – Evidence from a Natural Experiment", Niels Johannesen, University of Copenhagen (March 13, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"An Experimental Evaluation of Tax Evasion and Tax Enforcement in Denmark" Claus Thustrup Kreiner,University of Copenhagen. (March 6, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

“The Effect of Political Consolidation on Local Democracy: Evidence from Large-Scale Municipal Reform”, David Dreyer Lassen, University of Copenhagen. (February 27, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Consumerism and Desired Fertility" Jacob Weisdorf, University of Copenhagen. (February 13, 2009, Kl. 13.00)

"Bank Lending, Durable Goods and Spreads" Emiliano Santoro, University of Copenhagen (February 6, 2009, KL. 13.00)

"Vækst, klima og konkurrenceevne", Peter Olsen, Økonomi- og Erhvervsministeriet. (December 12, 2008, Kl. 13.00)

"Newspapers and Parties: How Advertising Revenue Created an Independent Press." Maria Petrova, New Economic School, Moscow. Tba. (December 5, 2008, Kl. 13.00)

Conspicuous Consumption, Human Capital, and Poverty. Omer Moav, Hebrew University of Jerulsalem. (November 28, 2008, 13.00)

The Effect of Punitive Sanctions on the Transition rate from Welfare to Work -An empirical analysis of the Danish labor market, Atef Qureshi, Arbejdsdirektoratet (November 21, 2008, KL. 13.00)

Estimating the Cross-sectional Distribution of Price Stickiness from Aggregate Data, Niels Arne Dam, Nationalbanken (November 7, 2008, KL. 13.00)

Zeuthen Lectures: Why is Elvis on Burkina Faso Postage Stamps? The Commercialization of State Sovereignty, Joel Slemrod, University of Michigan (October 31, 2008, )

Zeuthen Lectures: Taxes and the Missing Middle: Optimal Tax remittance with Firm-level Administrative Costs, Joel Slemrod, University of Michigan (October 30, 2008, )

Zeuthen Lectures: Toward a Theory of Tax System, Joel Slemrod, University of Michigan (October 29, 2008, )

Intertemporal Consumption and Credit Constraints: Does Total Expenditure Respond to an Exogenous Shock to Credit? Søren Leth-Petersen, University of Copenhagen (October 24, 2008, Kl. 13.00)

"Optimal fiscal barriers to international economic integration in the presence of tax havens", Niels Johannesen, University of Copenhagen. (October 3, 2008, kl. 13.00)

Philipp Schröder, University of Aarhus (September 26, 2008, Kl. 13.00)

Currency Crises and Monetary Policy in an Economy with Credit Constraints: The No Interest Parity Case, Michael Bergman, University of Copenhagen (September 12, 2008, kl. 13.00)

The Role of Uncertainty and Insurance in Endogenous Climate Change, Ingmar Schumacher, University of Trier (September 5, 2008, Kl. 12.30)

Welfare Implications of the Transition to High Household Debt, Zvi Hercowitz,Tel-Aviv University. (August 29, 2008, 13.00)

Skatternes Økonomiske Virkning – Analyser ved brug af StØV-modellen,Skatteministeriet. (June 27, 2008, Kl. 13.00)

The Missing Swedish Skill Premium: Sweden versus the United States 1970-2002, Lars Ljungqvist, Stockholm School of Economics. (June 20, 2008, kl. 13.00)

Nicolai Kaarsen, University of Copenhagen & EPRU (June 13, 2008, kl. 12.15)

Ingo Geishecker,Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen. Tba (June 6, 2008, kl. 13.00)

"The Simplest Unified Growth Theory", Jacob Weisdorf, University of Copenhagen. (May 30, 2008, kl. 13.00)

Finite Horizon, Externalities, and Growth, Ronald Wendner, University of Graz. (May 23, 2008, kl. 13.00)

"Social Identity and Voter Turnout", Momi Dahan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (May 16, 2008, kl. 13.00)

"Unequal wages for equal utilities", Pierre Pestieau, University of Liege. (May 9, 2008, kl. 13.00)

"Optimal Minimum Wage Policy in Competitive Labor Markets", Emmnuel Saez, University of California, Berkeley (May 7, 2008, kl. 13.00)

"An Economic Theory of GATT: comment" Pascalis Raimondos-Møller, Copenhagen Business School (April 11, 2008, Kl. 13.00)

"Optimal taxation, social contract and the four worlds of welfare capitalism", Amedeo Spadaro, Paris School of Economics & Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca (April 4, 2008, kl. 13.00)

"The Internet, Digital Information and Corruption: Evidence From U.S. States and Across Countries", Carl-Johan Dalgaard, University of Copenhagen. (March 28, 2008, Kl.13.00)

"Fiscal Transparency and Procyclical Fiscal Policy" Asger Lau Andersen og Lasse Holbøll Westh Nielsen, University of Copenhagen (March 14, 2008, Kl. 13.00)

"Uncertainty, Climate Change and the Global Economy" Torsten Persson, Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm. (March 7, 2008, Kl. 13.00)

"Does mobility of educated workers undermine decentralized education policies?" Christiane Schuppert, University of Dortmund. (February 29, 2008, Kl. 13.00)

The role of workfare in striking a balance between incentives and insurance in the labour market, Torben M. Andersen, Århus Universitet (February 22, 2008, Kl. 13.00)

"Hedonic preferences and symmetric loss aversion", Mogens Fosgerau, Danmarks Transportforskning. (February 15, 2008, Kl. 13.00)

"Do Immigrants Affect Firm-Specific Wages?" Jakob Roland Munch, University of Copenhagen. (February 1, 2008, Kl. 13.00)

"Does Dividend Taxation Reduce Investment? Evidence from the Finnish Corporate Income Tax Reform of 2005" Jukka Pirttila,The Finish Labour Institute for Economic Research. (December 14, 2007, )

"Protection for Sale to Oligopolists" Elena Paltseva, University of Copenhagen (November 30, 2007, )

Fiscal policy, labor unions and monetary institutions: Their long run impact on unemployment, inflation and welfare by Alex Cukierman, Tel Aviv University (November 19, 2007, )

For what services do general practitioners induce demand? Economic incentives and professional norms af Søren Serrizlew og Lotte Bøgh Andersen, Institut for statskundskab, Aar (November 16, 2007, )

Selskabsskatten efter kapitalfondene, Otto Brøns-Petersen, skatteøkonomisk direktør, Skatteministeriet (November 2, 2007, )

Should Urban Transit Subsidies Be Reduced? by Kenneth A. Small, University of California, Irvine. Seminaret afholdes sammen med Danmarks Transportforskning. (October 26, 2007, )

Allan Sørensen, University of Aarhus. Tba (October 12, 2007, )

Internet Laboratory for Experimental Economics (iLEE) by Erik Wengström, University of Copenhagen. (October 5, 2007, )

The value of reliability and the distribution of random durations by Mogens Fosgerau, Danish Transport Research Institute (September 28, 2007, )

Tax Illusion and Communication, Jean-Robert Tyran, University of Copenhagen (September 14, 2007, )

The Origins of Ethnolinguistic Diversity: Theory and Evidence, Stelios Michalopoulos, Brown University, (September 6, 2007, )

Lediges rådighed overfor arbejdsmarkedet - analyser af rådighed og virkning af sanktioner af Birgitte Schmidt, Arbejdsdirektoratet (June 1, 2007, )

Beskæftigelseseffekter af starthjælp og introduktions-ydelse, Torben Tranæs, Rockwoolfondens forskningsenhed, Thomas Mølsted Jørgensen, arbejdsdirektoratet & Vismand Michael R (May 25, 2007, )

Status Effect, Public Goods Provision and the Excess Burden by Ronald Wendner, University of Graz, Austria (May 11, 2007, )

Marginal Wage Subsidies: a Redistributive Instrument for Employment Creation by Andreas Knabe,Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg. (April 27, 2007, )

The Effects of Tax Competition When Politicians Create Rents to Buy Political Support, by Peter Birch Sørensen, University of Copenhagen (April 20, 2007, )

Rethinking the Concept of Long-Run Economic Growth by Christian Groth, University of Copenhagen. (April 13, 2007, )

On the Desirability of Taxing Charitable Contributions by Tomer Blumkin, Ben Gurion University. (March 23, 2007, )

Estimating the Effect of Student Aid on College Enrolment: Evidence from a Government Grant policy Reform by Helena Skyt Nielsen, University of Aarhus (March 16, 2007, )

Subsistence - A Bio-economic Foundation of the Malthusian Equilibrium by Holger Strulik, University of Hannover. (March 9, 2007, )

Sectoral Real Exchange Rate Adjustments in Europe by Michael Bergman, University of Copenhagen (February 23, 2007, )

Autocracy, Devolution and Growth by Elena Paltseva, University of Stockholm (February 16, 2007, )

Growth Theory Without the Aggregate Production Function by Carl-Johan Dalgaard, University of Copenhagen. (February 9, 2007, )

Intertemporal Tax Wedges and Marginal Deadweight Loss by Nikolaj Verdelin & Jes Winther Hansen, University of Copenhagen (December 8, 2006, )

Thomas Gaube, Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods (November 24, 2006, )

Measuring Idiosyncratic Risk: Implications for Capital Flows by Eva Rytter Sunesen, University of Copenhagen (November 17, 2006, )

Globalization and Economic Freedom by Christian Bjørnskov, Aarhus Business School (November 10, 2006, )

Selection and network effects - migration flows into OECD countries 1990-2000 by Nina Smith, Aarhus University (November 3, 2006, )

The Incidence of Formal Life-long Learning by Lars Skipper, AKF (October 27, 2006, )

Microstructure analysis on the efficiency of Nordic stock markets by Robert Wagner, Økonomi- og Erhvervsministeriet (October 13, 2006, )

The politics of Intergenerational Redistribution and Growth by Martin Gonzalez-Eiras from Universidad de San Andres, Argentina (September 29, 2006, )

Malthus Revisited: Fertility Decision Making based on Quasi-Linear Preferences by Jacob Weisdorf from University of Copenhagen (September 15, 2006, )

Labour Market Signalling and Unemployment Duration: An Empirical Analysis Using Employer-Employee Data by Michael Rosholm from University of Aarhus and AKF (September 8, 2006, )

A Common Pool Theory of Deficit Bias Correction by Signe Krogstrup, The Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva (June 23, 2006, )

Social Security and Longevity by Torben M. Andersen, University of Aarhus (June 16, 2006, )

Evaluating Foreign Exchange Market Intervention: Self-Selection, Counterfactuals and Average Treatment Effects by Rasmus Fatum, University of Copenhagen & Univer (June 9, 2006, )

Human Capital, Exports and Wages by Jakob Roland Munch, University of Copenhagen: (May 19, 2006, )

Forskningens rolle i fremtidens økonomi - En oversigt over Globaliseringsrådets analyser by Thomas Alslev Christensen, Videnskabsministeriet (May 5, 2006, )

Price setting behaviour in Denmark - A study of CPI micro data 1997-2005. Niels Lyngård Hansen, Nationalbanken. (April 28, 2006, )

Steepest Ascent Tariff Reforms by Pascalis Raimondos-Møller, Copenhagen Business School (April 21, 2006, )

Speculative Attacks: A Laboratory Study in Continuous Time by Yin-Wong Cheung, University of California, Davis (April 7, 2006, )

Optimal Taxation and Social Insurance in a Lifetime Perspective by Peter Birch Sørensen, University of Copenhagen (March 31, 2006, )

Cross-Border Flows of People, Technology Diffusion and Aggregate Productivity by Carl-Johan Dalgaard, University of Copenhagen (March 24, 2006, )

Determinants of Entry – An Empirical Study Jens Bay Christensen & Peder Kongsted, Konkurrencestyrelsen (March 17, 2006, )

Can Ambiguity in Electoral Competition be Explained by Projection Effects in Voters' Perceptions? Thomas Jensen, University of Copenhagen (March 10, 2006, )

Can Ambiguity in Electoral Competition be Explained by Projection Effects in Voters' Perceptions? Thomas Jensen, University of Copenhagen (March 10, 2006, )

Trust, Reputation and Competition by Jean-Robert Tyran, University of Copenhagen (February 24, 2006, )

The Monetary-Policy Regime and the Development in Central Macroeconomic Variables in the OECD Countries: 1970-2003 by Niels Lynggård Hansen, Danmarks Nationalban (February 17, 2006, )

Spending Natural Resource Revenues in an Altruistic Endogneous Growth Model by Elisabeth Hermann Frederiksen, University of Copenhagen (December 9, 2005, )

Endogenous Fiscal Institutions: The Causes of Fiscal Transparency Reform by David Dreyer Lassen, University of Copenhagen (December 2, 2005, )

Heterogeneity in Price Setting and the Real Effects of Monetary Shocks by Carlos Carvalho, University of Princeton (November 25, 2005, )

Specialization, Outsourcing and Wages by Jakob Roland Munch, University of Copenhagen (November 11, 2005, )

Do Long Run Restrictions Identify Supply and Demand Disturbances? by Michael bergman, University of Copenhagen (November 4, 2005, )

Tax Competition with parasitic Tax Havens by Joel Slemrod, University of Michigan (October 21, 2005, )

Exchange Rate Dynamics in a Small Open Economy by Dudley Cooke, University of Warwick (October 7, 2005, )

Welfare Program Complexity and the Take up of Social benefits by Henrik Jacobsen Kleven, University of Copenhagen (September 30, 2005, )

Business Cycles and Monetary Policy by Jesper Linaa, University of Copenhagen (September 9, 2005, )

The Political economy of Post-Compulsory education Policy with endogenous Credit Constraints by Alessandro Balestrino, University of Pisa (September 2, 2005, )

Decision Making in vaguely Specified Environments - An Axiomatic Approach by Marie-Louise Vierø, Cornell University (August 26, 2005, )

Dual Income Taxation: Implementation and Experience in European Countries by Bernd Genser, University of Konstanz (June 24, 2005, )

Deep Habits by Morten Ravn, European University Institut (June 17, 2005, )

Assesing the Welfare Cost of a Fixed Exchange-Rate Policy by Jesper Gregers Linaa, Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs (June 10, 2005, )

Parallel Imports and Commodity Taxation by Pascalis Raimondos-Møller, Copenhagen Business School (June 3, 2005, )

Progressive Taxation and Wages: Micro Evidence by Torben Tranæs, The Rockwool Foundation Research Unit (May 27, 2005, )

Distortions, Welfare and Restricted Government Spending by Anders Sørensen, CEBR (May 20, 2005, )

Privatization, Market Power and Politics by Christian Schultz, University of Copenhagen (May 13, 2005, )

Is Early Learning Really More Productive? The Effect of School Strarting Age on School and Labor Market Performance by Peter Frederiksson, University of Uppsala (April 15, 2005, )

The Rise of the Market Economy and the Emergence of Political Cohesion by Carl-Johan Dalgaard, University of Copenhagen (April 8, 2005, )

Separating the Impact of Duel Class Shares, Pyramids and Cross-ownership on Firm Value across Legal regimes in Western Europe by Morten bennedsen, CEBR (April 1, 2005, )

Indvandrere, offentlige udgifter og finanspolitisk holdbarhed af Poul Schou, DREAM (March 11, 2005, )

A Game Theoretical Perspective on the Gender Wage Gap by Elisabeth Hermann Frederiksen, University of Copenhagen (March 3, 2005, )

Dynamic Consistency in Denmark: A Longitude Field Experiment by Morten Lau, CEBR (February 25, 2005, )

Innovation and Growth - What Have We Learned from the Robustness Debate? by Christian Groth, University of Copenhagen (February 18, 2005, )

From Domestic Manufacture to Industrial Revolution: Long-run Growth and Agriculture by Jacob Weisdorf, Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs (February 11, 2005, )

Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity in the OECD by Steinar Holden, University of Oslo (February 3, 2005, )

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