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DNEAP Project (Mozambique)

The overall objective of this programme is to build institutional capacity within the government of Mozambique in general, and within the National Directorate for Studies and Policy Analysis (DNEAP) in the Ministry of Planning and Development (MPD) of Mozambique in particular, to conduct quality economic analysis. This goal is achieved within the context of ongoing recurrent demands for policy analysis and advice placed upon DNEAP.

DERG provides a series of analytical and technical advisory services to DNEAP including out-posting of staff to Mozambique. These services are geared towards the development of data and their analysis, capacity strengthening and institutional development, and the formulation of government documents and policies.

DERG, in collaboration with DNEAP, has throughout the project period maintained significant involvement in policy processes. The major elements hereof are:
• Medium term fiscal framework and government budget (CFMP),
• Joint Donor Review and mid-term review,
• Biannual IMF-World Bank missions,
• The Socio-Economic Plan (PES) and Evaluation of the Social and Economic Plan (Balanço do PES),
• Agricultural strategy in collaboration with DE/Minag,
• Action Plan for Reducing Poverty (PARP and PARPA), and
• Five Year Government Plan (PQG).

Finally, DERG has worked with Mozambican counterparts through in-service training, collaborative research, seminars, training workshops, conferences, and continuous interaction on professional matters.