Visitors and Events

Seminars (in collaboration with MRU and CAM)


Andrew Ellis, "Correlation Concern"


Jonas Maibom, Aarhus University: "Assessing Welfare Effect of ALMPs: Combining a Structural Model and Experimental Data"

Georg Kirchsteiger, ECARES: "Endogenous Repeated Cooperation and Surplus Distribution - An Experimental Analysis"

Guido Friebel, Frankfurt University: "On Worker Turnover, Productivity, Managers, and Referals: Two RCTs"

Rustamdjan Hakimov, WZB Berlin: "Iterative Versus Standard Deferred Acceptance: Experimental Evidence"

Christina Gravert, University of Gothenburg: "The hidden costs of nudging: Experimental evidence from reminders in fundraising"

Erin Giffin, University of California: "Identity Formation, Gender Differences, and the Perpetuation of Stereotypes"   


Florian Englmaier (LMU, München): "The Effect of Incentives in Non-Routine Analytical Team Tasks – Evidence from a Field Experiment"

Matthias Sutter, University of Cologne: "The Dos and Don’ts in Credence Goods Markets"

Daniel Schunk (University of Mainz): "The Many Faces of Human Sociality: Uncovering the Distribution and Stability of Social Preferences"

Isabelle Brocas (University of Southern California): "Altruism and strategic giving in children and adolescents"

Juan Carrillo (University of Southern California): "Value-Based Decision-Making: A New Developmental Paradigm"

Agne Kajackaite (WZB): "Lying aversion and the size of the lie"

Ismael Rodriguez Lara (Middlesex University London): "United we stand"

Ramon Cobo Reyes (University of Exeter): "Endogenous Sanctioning Institutions and Migration Patterns: Experimental Evidence"

Hans-Theo Normann (University of Düsseldorf): "Collusion and Bargaining in Asymmetric Cournot Duopoly - An Experiment"

Jana Friedrichsen (DIW Berlin/Humboldt University): "Welfare stigma in the lab: Evidence of social signaling"

Florian Zimmermann (University of Zürich): "The Dynamics of Motivated Beliefs"

Robert Mahlstedt (IZA): "Mobility Assistance for Unemployed Workers, Job Search Behavior and Labor Market Outcomes"

Nicola Gennaioli (Bocconi University): "Stereotypes and beliefs about gender"

Thomas de Haan (NHH Norwegian School of Economics): "Fairness Preferences in the face of Limited Information"

Amrish Patel (University of East Anglia): "Co-Financing Agreements and Reciprocity: When "No Deal" is a Good Deal"

Eva Ranehill (University of Zürich): "Do gender preference gaps impact policy outcomes"

Niall Hughes (University of Warwick): "How Transparency Kills Information Aggregation: Theory and Experiment"

Alain Cohn (University of Chicago Booth School of Business): "The Honest Citizen: Evidence from Nationwide Field Experiments"


Jan Olaf Mirko Härter (Niels Bohr Institute): "Expert Game experiment predicts emergence of trust in professional communication"

Pedro Rey Biel (Autonoma Barcelona): "Competitive Pressure Widens the Gender Gap in Performance:Evidence from a Two-Stage Competition in Mathematics"

Erik Wengstrøm (Lund University): "Differences attract: an experimental study of focusing in economic choice"

Shaul Shalvi (University of Amsterdam): "The collaborative roots of corruption"

Marieke Roskes (Universiteit Utrecht): "Using constraints to facilitate creativity"

Matthias Sutter (University of Cologne): "What determines children’s economic preferences? Evidence from a large-scale experiment"

Claudia Neri (University of St Gallen): "Decision Rights: Freedom, Power and Inverference"

Joël van der Weele (University of Amsterdam): "Deception and Self-Deception"

Paul Heidhues (DICE): "Unrealistic Expectations and Misguided Learning"

Sally Sadoff (University of California San Diego): "Identifying Individual Differences in Motivation and Effort"

Andreas Grunewald (University of Bonn): "Expectation-Based Loss Aversion and Strategic Interaction"

Michele Belot (University of Edinburgh): "How Wage Announcements Affect Job Search Behaviour – an Experiment"

Robert Sugden (University of East Anglia): "Preference Purification and the Inner Rational Agent: A Critique of the Conventional Wisdom of Behavioural Welfare Economics"

Bruno Crépon (ENSAE / CREST): "Teaching Labor Laws: Lessons from a Randomized Control Trial in South Africa"

Georg Weizsäcker (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin): "An Experiment on Social Mislearning"

Adam Szeidl (CEU): "Interfirm Relationships and Business Performance"

Joachim Winter (LMU Munich): "Plan Switching and Inertia in Medicare Part D: Evidence From Administrative data"


Matteo Galizzi (London School of Economics): "Linking Experimental and Survey Data for a UK Representative Sample: Structural Estimation of Risk and Time Preferences"

Philipp Lergetporer (Ifo Institute University of Munich): "The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior: Experimental Evidence from Children’s Intertemporal Choices"

Aniol Llorente Saguer (Queen Mary University): “Veto, Abstention and Frames: An Experiment on Unanimous Rules”

Tore Ellingsen (Stockholm School of Economics): "Situations and Norms: Formal Foundations of Social Analysis"

Pierpaolo Battigalli (University of Bocconi): "Disclosure of Belief-Dependent Preferences in a Trust Game"

Björn Bartling (University of Zürich): "Is Competition Fair? An Experimental Study"

Roberto Weber (University of Zurich): "Job History, Work Attitude, and Employability"


Michael Kosfeld (Goethe University Frankfurt): "I (Don’t) Like you! But Who Cares? Cooperation and Coordination in Same-Sex and Mixed-Sex Teams"

Dirk Sliwka (University of Cologne): "Multitasking and Subjective Performance - Evaluations - Evidence from a Field Experiment"

Joël van der Weele (University of Amsterdam): "Peer Effects and Risk Sharing in Experimental Asset Markets"

Antonio Nicolò (University of Manchester): "Inefficient Back Scratching in Hierarchical Organizations”

Martin Kocher (LMU Munich): "An Anatomy of Ambiguity Attitudes"

Josse Delfgaauw (Erasmus University Rotterdam): "Team Incentives, Social Cohesion, and Performance: A Natural Field Experiment"

Marie Claire Villeval (CNRS): "Self Control and Intertemporal Choice: Evidence from Glucose and Depletion Interventions"