Short description of iLEE1

iLEE1 has been run in May 2008 with approximately 2300 people completing the enitre wave.

The main purpose of iLEE1 is to investigate cooperation behavior among anonymous strangers and how it relates to the characteristics, beliefs, personality etc. of the partipants in a heterogenous population.

The main module of this wave is a one-shot public goods game played in groups of 4 subjects. Each subject participated in one of the 6 treatments. The screenshot below illustrates how we explained the game (in one of the treatments) to participants. We took great care to keep the game simple and to make sure participants understand the structure of the game (e.g. in control questions which had to be answered to be able to proceed).

In additional modules, we elicited preferences (e.g. risk aversion, loss aversion), attitudes (e.g. questions from the World Values Survey), and various measures of cognitive ability and personality (big 5 test).

A more detailed description of iLEE1 can be found here.

Illustrations explaining the short description of iLEE1