The Centre for Experimental Economics

The Centre for Experimental Economics (CEE) provides infrastructure for conducting experimental research at the University of Copenhagen and is a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas. Members of CEE are working both on policy-relevant questions and basic research in decision making. CEE aims at being the leading institution for research in experimental economics in Scandinavia.

The primary focus of CEE is to investigate the effect of policy interventions, isolate causal factors of behavior through randomized controlled trials, and to assess the relevance of bounded rationality and non-standard preferences in the economy, society and the state. In addition, CEE provides teaching in experimental economics at Copenhagen University and contributes to the development of experimental methods and behavioral economic theory.

Experiments are an important tool of research in economics. Economic experiments can be run in a laboratory, over the internet or elsewhere (“in the field”). The Centre has two infrastructures to facilitate these types of experiments.

The internet Laboratory for Experimental Economics (iLEE)

The iLEE is an internet-based platform for running large-scale experiments over the internet.

Laboratory for Experimental Economics (LEE)

The LEE is a state-of-the-art laboratory devoted to research and teaching in experimental economics.