4th. Conference on New Consumption Data

For the past four years, the conference has successfully gathered together researchers working on a wave of research on consumption using new types of spending data, such as imputed consumption from administrative data, data from supermarket scanners, high frequency spending data from banks or financial planning apps and survey data based on innovative instruments.

By now, this has turned into an extremely active and fruitful area of research, opening new and interesting perspectives in various fields in economics, from labor to public economics, from household finance to macroeconomics.

The goal of the event is to bring people interested in the topic together to present new research using these new data and methods to measure spending, discuss pros and cons and exchange best practices, etc.

Relevant topics include, but is not limited to:

  • • Asset returns and spending
    • Spending effects of unemployment events
    • Welfare consequences of social insurance programs
    • The impact of mortgage refinancing on spending
    • Validation of new spending measures
    • Consumption inequality
    • Spending effects of public policies 
  •    Insurance within the family
    • Children and spending
    • Consumption during the COVID-19 crisis
    • Expectations and consumption decisions

The event provides an opportunity for researchers from different universities and countries to present their work, get feedback, and hopefully to establish contact to other researchers interested in research involving new types of consumption data.

We invite you to submit a paper or express interest in attending the fourth conference on New Consumption Data organized by the University of Copenhagen (CEBI), London School of Economics, and CEPR.

Submission deadline 6pm (GMT), June 1, 2022

You can read the call for papers here