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CAM Working Papers


2006-14: Bo Honoré & Søren Leth-Petersen Estimation of Panel Data Models with Two-sided Censoring(157KB) Abstract
2006-13: Sule Alan & Søren Leth-Petersen: Tax Incentives and Household Portfolios: A Panel Data Analysis (164KB) Abstract
2006-12:Helena Skyt Nielsen & Michael Svarer Educational Homogamy: Preferences or Opportunities? (220KB) Abstract
2006-11: Michael Svarer: Working Late: Do Workplace Sex Ratios Affect Partnership Formation and Dissolution? (199KB) Abstract
2006-10: Christophe Kolodziejczyk: A Note on the Correlated Random Coefficient Model (155KB) Abstract
2006-09: Christophe Kolodziejczyk: Retirement and Fixed Costs to Work: An Empirical Analysis (287KB) Abstract
2006-08: Jakob Roland Munch, Michael Rosholm & Michael Svarer: Home Ownership, Job Duration, and Wages (177KB) Abstract
2006-07: Jan Høgelund & Anders Holm: The Reservation Wage Theory, Vocational Rehabilitation and the Return to Work of Disabled Employees (506KB) Abstract
2006-06: Jacob Nielsen Arendt & Anders Holm: Probit Models with Binary Endogenous Regressors (431KB) Abstract
2006-05: Mads Meier Jæger & Anders Holm: Intergenerational Educational Mobility in the Comprehensive Danish Welfare State: Testing the Primacy of Non-monetary Social Origin Effects (436KB) Abstract 
2006-04: Anders Holm & Mads Meier Jæger: Relative Risk Aversion and Social Reproduction in Intergenerational Educational Attainment: Application of a Dynamic Discrete Choice Model (457KB) Abstract
2006-03: Martin Browning & Jesus Carro: Heterogeneity and Microeconometrics Modelling (412KB) Abstract 
2006-02: François Bourguignon, Martin Browning & Pierre-André Chiappori: Efficient Intra-household Allocations and Distribution Factors: Implications and Identification (313KB) Abstract
2006-01: Mette Gørtz Heterogeneity in Preferences and Productivity – Implications for Retirement (621KB) Abstract


2005-17: Anna Piil Damm: Determinants of Recent Immigrants’ Location Choices: Quasi-Experimental Evidence (636KB) Abstract
2005-16: Richard Blundell, Martin Browning & Ian Crawford: Best Nonparametric Bounds on Demand Responses (356KB) Abstract
2005-15: Helga Kristjánsdóttir: Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Iceland (353KB) Abstract
2005-14: Helga Kristjánsdóttir: A Gravity Model for Exports from Iceland (463KB) Abstract 
2005-13: Rasmus Lentz, Dale T. Mortensen: An Empirical Model of Growth Through Product Innovation (392KB) Abstract
2005-12: Tue Gørgens, Martin Paldam & Allan Würtz: Growth, Income and Regulation: a Non-Linear Approach (682KB) Abstract
2005-11: Peter Sandholt Jensen, Allan H. Würtz: The Ill-Posed Problem in Growth Empirics (402KB) Abstract
2005-10: Sule Alan, Orazio Attanasio & Martin Browning: Estimating Euler Equations with Noisy Data: Two Exact GMM Estimators (188KB) Abstract
2005-09: Pierre-Andre Chiappori, Ivar Ekeland & Martin Browning: Local Disaggregation of Negative Demand and Excess Demand Functions  (166KB) Abstract 
2005-08: Martin Browning, Pierre-André Chiappori & Valérie Lechene: Distributional Effects in Household Models: Separate Spheres and Income Pooling (168KB) Abstract
2005-07: Ulrich Kaiser, Hans Christian Kongsted: Do Magazines' "Companion Websites" Cannibalize the Demand for the Print Version? (345KB) Abstract
2005-06: Mary A. Silles: Personality, Education and Earnings (158KB) Abstract
2005-05: Mary A. Silles: Computer Use and Earnings (75KB) Abstract
 2005-04: Laura Blow, Martin Browning & Ian Crawford: Revealed Preference Analysis of Characteristics Models (268KB) Abstract
2005-03: Anna Piil Damm & Michael Rosholm: Employment Effects of Spatial Dispersal of Refugees (396KB) Abstract
2005-02: Christophe Kolodziejczyk: Wives’ Labor Supply and Taxation: a Conditional Preferences Approach (347KB) Abstract
2005-01: Pieter Gautier, Michael Svarer & Coen Teulings: Marriage and the City (692KB) Abstract