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CAM Working Papers


2004-25: Morten Bennedsen, Hans Christian Kongsted & Kasper Meisner Nielsen: Effects in Closely Held Corporations (454KB ) Abstract
2004-24: Jan Høgelund & Anders Holm: Case Management Interviews and the Return to Work of Disabled Employees (375KB) Abstract
2004-23: Bo E. Honoré & Elie Tamer: Bounds on Parameters in Dynamic Discrete Choice Models (391KB) Abstract
2004-22: Michael Rosholm, Michael Svarer & Bo Hammer: A Danish Profiling System(228KB) Abstract
2004-21: Edith Madsen: Estimating Cointegrating Relations from a Cross Section (239KB) Abstract
2004-20: Benoit Julien, John Kennes & Ian King: Residual Wage Disparity and Coordination Unemployment 344KB) Abstract
2004-19: Mads Meier Jæger & Anders Holm: How Stressful is Retirement? New Evidence from a Longitudinal, Fixed-effects Analysis (424KB) Abstract
2004-18: Martin Browning & M. Dolores Collado: Habits and Heterogeneity in Demands: a Panel Data Analysis (167KB) Abstract
2004-17: John Kennes: Competitive Auctions: Theory and Application (196KB) Abstract
2004-16: Michael Svarer & Mette Verner: Do Children Stabilize Danish Marriages? (258KB) Abstract
2004-15: Martin Browning, Pierre-André Chiappori & Valérie Lechene: Collective and Unitary Models: a Clarification (167KB) Abstract
2004-14: Michael Rosholm & Michael Svarer: Estimating the Threat Effect of Active Labour Market Programmes (356KB) Abstract
2004-13: Karsten Albæk & Henrik Hansen: The Rise in Danish Unemployment: Reallocation or Mismatch?(231KB) Abstract
2004-12: Rasmus Lentz & Dale T. Mortensen: Productivity Growth and Worker Reallocation: Theory and Evidence (297KB) Abstract
2004-11: Rasmus Lentz & Torben Tranæs: Job Search and Savings: Wealth Effects and Duration Dependence (237KB) Abstract
2004-10: Rasmus Lentz: Optimal Unemployment Insurance in an Estimated Job Search Model with Savings  (530KB) Abstract
2004-09: Christensen, Lentz, Mortensen, Neumann & Werwatz: On the Job Search and the Wage Distribution (269KB) Abstract
2004-08: Bo E. Honoré and Adriana Lleras-Muney: Bounds in Competing Risks Models and the War on Cancer (448KB) Abstract
2004-07: Bo E. Honoré & Luojia Hu: Estimation of Discrete Time Duration Models with Grouped Data (223KB) Abstract
2004-06: A. M. Danø, M. Ejrnæs & L. Husted: Do Single Women Value Early Retirement more than Single Men? (175KB) Abstract
2004-05: Martin Browning & Thomas F. Crossley: Shocks, stocks and socks: smoothing consumption over a temporary income loss (174KB) Abstract
2004-04: Ulrich Kaiser & Hans Christian Kongsted: True versus spurious state dependence in firm performance: the case of West German exports (355KB) Abstract
2004-03: L. P. Geerdsen & Anders Holm: Job-search Incentives From Labour Market Programs - an Empirical Analysis (326KB) Abstract
2004-02: Mette Ejrnæs & Anders Holm: Comparing Fixed Effects and Covariance Structure Estimators (266KB) Abstract
2004-01: Mette Ejrnæs & Astrid Kunze: Wage Dips and Drops around First Birth (496KB) Abstract 


2003-01: J. Bonke, M. Browning¨ The distribution of well-being and income within the household (84KB) Abstract
2003-02: M. Browning, T. F. Crossley, E. Smith: Asset Accumulation and Short Term Employment (695KB) Abstract
2003-03: S. Alan, M. Browning: Estimating Intertemporal Allocation Parameters using Simulated Residual Estimation (476KB) Abstract
2003-04: Steen Winther Blindum: Relaxing the Strict Exogeneity Assumption is a Dynamic Random Probit Model (383KB) Abstract
2003-05: Mads Meier Jæger & Anders Holm: Which background factors matter more in intergenerational educational attainment: Social class, cultural capital or cognitive ability? A random effects approach (649KB) Abstract
2003-06: Raquel Carrasco & Mette Ejrnæs: Self-employment in Denmark and Spain: Institution, Economic Conditions and Gender differences (215KB) Abstract
2003-07: M. Svarer, M. Rosholm & Jacob Roland Munch: Rent Control and Unemployment Duration (320KB) Abstract 
2003-08:  K B. Jensen, M. Ejrnæs, H. S. Nielsen & Allan Würtz: Self-Employment among Immigrants: A Last Resort? (514KB) Abstract
2003-09: M. Svarer, M. Rosholm and Jacob Roland Munch: Are Home Owners Really More Unemployed (396KB) Abstract
2003-10: Edith Madsen: Testing for unit roots in panels by using a mixture model (390KB) Abstract
2003-11: Edith Madsen: Using GMM when testing for a unit root in panels where the time-series dimension is fixed (623KB) Abstract
2003-12: M. Browning, P. Chiappori & A. Lewbel: Estimating Consumption Economies of Scale, Adult Equivalence Scales, and Household Bargaining Power(504KB) Abstract
2003-13: Edith Madsen: Unit root inference in panel data models where the time-series dimension is fixed: A comparison of different tests (803KB) Abstract
2003-14: M. Browning, A. M. Danø & E. Heinesen: Job Displacement and Health Outcomes: A Representative Panel Study (799KB) Abstract
2003-15: Martin Browning & Eskil Heinesen: Class size, teacher hours and educational attainment (311KB) Abstract - Rev. ed.
2003-16: Anna Cristina D’Addio, Tor Eriksson & Paul Frijters: An Analysis of the Determinants of Job Satisfaction when Individuals’Baseline Satisfaction Levels May Differ (499KB) Abstract


2002-09: Mette Ejrnæs, Claus Chr. Pörtner: Birth Order and the Intrahousehold Allocation of Time and Education (437KB) Abstract
2002-08: N. E. Savin, Allan H. Würtz: Testing the Semiparametric Box-Cox Model with Bootstrap (447KB) Abstract
2002-07: Martin Browning, Søren Leth-Petersen: Imputing Consumption from Income Tax Registers (293KB) Abstract

2002-06: Martin Browning, Mette Ejrnæs: Consumption and Children (631KB) Abstract

2002-05: M. Browning, T. Crossley, G.Weber: Asking Consumption Questions in General Purpose Surveys (342KB) Abstract

2002-04: R. Blundell, M. Browning, I. Crawford: Nonparametric Engel Curves and Revealed Preference (670KB) Abstract

2002-03: Jan Høgelund, Anders Holm: Returning Long-Term Sick-Listed to Work (351KB) Abstract

2002-02: Bo Honoré: Nonlinear Models with Panel Data (285KB) Abstract

2002-01: J. Alvarez, M. Browning, M. Ejrnæs: Modelling Income Processes with lots of heterogeneity (819KB) Abstract