Microeconomic Research Unit (MRU)

The aim of MRU is to facilitate communication and corporation between members of the unit and establish common research themes. The main activities of MRU are seminars, workshops, coordination and development of teaching in microeconomics and coordination of applications for external funding

MRU - Microeconomics Research unit




The Microeconomic Research Unit (MRU) was founded autumm 2008 at the Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen.

MRU was established in order to provide a platform for research and teaching in microeconomics.

The research of MRU concentrates primarily on theory building on the microeconomic approach to economics. The members conduct both basic and applied research

Current areas of research include:

  • information economics
  • game theory
  • behavioral economics
  • industrial organization
  • contract theory
  • mechanism design
  • political economy
  • health economics
  • financial markets



















Peter Norman Sørensen
Department of Economics
Øster Farimagsgade 5, building 26
DK-1353 Copenhagen K

Phone: +45 353 23056
Fax: +45 353 23000
E-mail: peter.sorensen@econ.ku.dk











Navn Titel Billede
Altmann, Steffen Lektor Billede af Altmann, Steffen
Bjerre-Nielsen, Andreas Adjunkt Billede af Bjerre-Nielsen, Andreas
Fosgerau, Mogens Professor Billede af Fosgerau, Mogens
Lagerlöf, Johan Lektor Billede af Lagerlöf, Johan
Matveenko, Andrei Postdoc Billede af Matveenko, Andrei
Nielsen, Nikolaj Postdoc Billede af Nielsen, Nikolaj
Starkov, Egor Tenure Track Adjunkt Billede af Starkov, Egor
Sørensen, Peter Norman Professor Billede af Sørensen, Peter Norman
Voigt, Stefan Tenure Track Adjunkt Billede af Voigt, Stefan


Peter Norman Sørensen
Department of Economics
Øster Farimagsgade 5, building 26
DK-1353 Copenhagen  K
Phone: +45 353 23056
e-mail: peter.sorensen@econ.ku.dk