Global Development Presents: Public Lecture by Justin Lin

Developing countries have for decades been trying to catch up with the industrialized high-income countries, but only a few have succeeded. However, thesuccessful economic transformation of countries like China and South Korea has forced a change in the way we think about aid and development. No longer are we restricted to the Washington Consensus view whereby aid is developing countries accepting policy prescriptions handed down by the World Bank and IMF. Instead we now see alternative development paradigms emerging, such as the South-South Development Cooperation (SSDC), whereby developing economies help each other to navigate the road toward economic transformation.

On February 15 The MSc in Global Development hosts this public lecture by Professor Justin Lin, Director of Center for New Structural Economics and former Chief Economist of the World Bank:

"Going Beyond Aid - Development Cooperation for Structural Transformation"

The lecture is based on Justin Lin´s new book, Going Beyond Aid: Development Cooperation for Structural Transformation, which he has co-authored with Dr. Yan WANG, a former World Bank Colleague, and will be published by Cambridge University Press this month.  Structural transformation is a powerful engine of growth and job creation. The book aims to bring a new narrative to broaden the ongoing discussions of post-2015 development aid and cooperation as well as the definitions of aid and cooperation, by presenting new ideas and different perspectives from emerging market economies about how to make development aid conducive to structural transformation in recipient countries.

The lecture is public and all are welcome. Registration is not required.

Biography of Justin Lin
Justin Lin was the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank, 2008-2012. Prior to this, Mr. Lin served for 15 years as Founding Director and Professor of the China Centre for Economic Research (CCER) at Peking University. He is the author of 23 books including Against the Consensus: Reflections on the Great Recession, the Quest for Prosperity: How Developing Economies Can Take Off, Demystifying the Chinese Economy, and New Structural Economics: A Framework for Rethinking Development and Policy. He is Councillor of the State Council, a member of the Standing Committee, Chinese People’s Political Consultation Conference, and Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. He is a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy and a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences for Developing World.