Data files (common for all students):

Take-home exam


Bonds.in7 bonds.bn7

Note that you need to download both of the two files, Bonds.in7 and bonds.bn7, to run PcFiml. Also note that they contain the full set of 9 bond rates. When using PcFiml you should only choose the 5 bond rates specified in your CATS prg file.

9001: bonds1.prg

9004: bonds2.prg

9005: bonds3.prg

9006: bonds4.prg

9007: bonds5.prg

9008: bonds6.prg

9009: bonds7.prg

9010: bonds8.prg

9011: bonds9.prg

9013: bonds10.prg

3702: bonds11.prg

3703: bonds12.prg

3704: bonds13.prg

3705: bonds14.prg