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Welcome to the EHE website!

This website is for students of economic history of Europe, their teachers, all the academics in the field, and all the people that share an interest in the economic history of Europe.

It aims to provide tools and materials for the study of the economic history of Europe.

This website is linked to the textbook An Economic History of Europe by Karl Gunnar Persson (Cambridge University Press, February 2010): see Support for teachers.

OWTRAD (Old World Trade Routes dataset), updated.

A new version of the Penn World Table has been released.

Maddison Project Database: a new synthesis of long-term economic growth in the world economy.

Angus Maddison's research into the development of GDP in the world economy during two millennia is a milestone in economic and historical scholarship. His dataset - a careful synthesis of recent research in this field - is among the most cited sources in economics and history.
A group of pupils and colleagues of Maddison therefore decided, after his passing away in 2010, to continue his work, and established the 'Maddison project' for that purpose. Their work has now resulted in an update of the dataset, which incorporates much of the latest research in this field, and presents new estimates - based on Maddison's methodology - of economic growth in the world economic between AD 1 and 2010.

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In the Author section: Interview with Karl Gunnar Persson from the Cliometrics Society Newsletter, January 2013.



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