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 Name: Jeppe Druedahl
 Position: Postdoctoral researcher


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 Phone: +45 35 32 44 25 (or +45 30 25 46 92)


Keywords: Macroeconomic questions; models with uncertainty and heterogeneity;
micro-level data; and computational methods.


Dynamic Programming (master / PhD course, spring 2017)
Online MATLAB Course
Supervision profile



Precautionary Borrowing and the Credit Card Debt Puzzle [R&R at QE]

with Casper Nordal Jørgensen

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The Effect of Unexpected Inheritances on Wealth Accumulation [draft comming soon]

with Alessandro Martinello


Estimating Dynamic Economic Models with Fixed Effects [draft coming soon]

with Thomas Jørgensen and Dennis Kristensen


Using covariances of income levels and future growth rates to test for heterogeneous income profiles

with Anders Munk-Nielsen

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Estimating Earnings Processes with Linked Regression Trees [new draft comming soon]

with Anders Munk-Nielsen


A Fast Nested Endogenous Grid Method For Solving General Consumption-Saving Models [draft comming soon]


Durable Consumption During and After the Great Recession

with Erik Öberg and Karl Harmenberg





A General Endogenous Grid Method for
Multi-Dimensional Models with Non-Convexities and Constraints [code] (2017)

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 74

with Thomas Jørgensen

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Persistent vs. Permanent Income Shocks in the Buffer-Stock Model [code] (2017)
The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics (Advances), 17(1)

with Thomas Jørgensen

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Labor Market Effects of Paid Maternity Leave

with Thomas Jørgensen and Mette Ejrnæs


Expectations and House Price Dynamics in General Equilibrium

with Anders Munk-Nielsen


Solving Models with Multiple Stock Dynamics Using SASG and EGM


Business Cycle Fluctuations in the Demand for Consumer Durables [old working paper]

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The Demand for Housing over the Life-Cycle under Long-Term Gross Debt Contracts [old working paper]


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