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ISSN: 1396-9765 / Series in EconPapers

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2010-02  Ambarish Chandra, Ulrich Kaiser: Targeted Advertising in Magazine Markets. Abstract PDF (400KB)

2010-01 Ulrich Kaiser, Susan J. Mendez, Thomas Rønde: Regulation of Pharmaceutical Prices: Evidence from a Reference Price Reform in Denmark. Abstract PDF (400KB)


2009-01  Christian Schultz: Collusion in markets with imperfect price
information on both sides . Abstract PDF (195KB)


2008-01 Christoph Grimpe, Ulrich Kaiser: Gains and Pains from Contract Research: A Transaction and Firm-level Perspective. Abstract PDF (202KB)


2007-14 Anette Boom: Vertically Integrated Firms' Investments in Electricity  Generating Capacities. Abstract PDF 

2007-13 Christian Schultz: Transparency and Product Variety. Abstract PDF 

2007-12 Morten Bennedsen, Christian Schultz: Arm’s Length Provision of Public Services. Abstract PDF 

2007-11 Roberto Álvarez, Martin Andersson, Flora Bellone ... et al.: Exports and Productivity: Comparable Evidence for 14 Countries. Abstract PDF

2007-10 Andrea Fosfuri, Thomas Rønde: Leveraging Resistance to Change and the Skunk Works Model of Innovation. Abstract PDF

2007-09 Anette Boom, Stefan Buehler: Restructuring Electricity Markets when Demand is Uncertain: Effects on Capacity Investments, Prices and Welfare. Abstract PDF

2007-08 Ulrich Kaiser: Do Media Consumers Really Dislike Advertising? An Empirical Assessment of a Popular Assumption in Economic Theory. Abstract PDF

2007-07 Anthony Dukes, Tansev Geylani, Kannan Srinivasan: Strategic Assortment Reduction by a Dominant Retailer. Abstract PDF
2007-06 Anthony Dukes, Yunchuan Liu: In-Store Media and Channel Management. Abstract PDF
2007-05 Ulrich Kaiser: When Pricing Below Marginal Cost Pays Off: Optimal Price Choice in a Media Market with Upfront Pricing. Abstract PDF
2007-04 Ulrich Kaiser, Nikolaj Malchow-Møller: Is Self-Employment Always a Bad Experience? Abstract PDF

2007-03 Ulrich Kaiser, Hans Christian Kongsted: Do Magazines' ”Companion  Websites” Cannibalize the Demand for the Print Version? Abstract PDF
2007-02 Ulrich Kaiser, Hans Christian Kongsted: True Versus Spurious State Dependence in Firm Performance: The Case of German Exports. Abstract PDF
2007-01 Ulrich Kaiser, Wolfgang Sofka: The Pulse of Liability of Foreignness: Dynamic Legitimacy and Experience Effects in the German Car Market. Abstract PDF