2nd Conference on Dynamic Structural Models – University of Copenhagen

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2nd Conference on Dynamic Structural Models

Centre of Computational Economics (CCE), University of Copenhagen is organizing a conference on structural economic models of dynamic behavior with empirical applications. The conference will be held at the Department of Economics at University of Copenhagen, May 31st –June 1st 2018

The program committee invites both applied and methodological work on implementation and estimation of structural dynamic models for individual decision making within, but not restricted to, the fields of Industrial Organization, Labor, Public, Health, Development, Environmental and Urban and Regional Economics This include papers on auction models, dynamic discrete choice models, dynamic games and their applications to differentiated product demand, oligopoly equilibrium. A clear link between the theoretical economic model and econometric model should be a hallmark of the papers presented.

The conference programme will offer an exciting mix of applied and theoretical work. Applied papers should involve innovative dynamic models and/or tools for their implementation. Theoretical work should make methodological contributions to the development and/or analysis of new econometric and computational methods for the implementation of dynamic structural models. 

Call for papers will appear soon. 

Contact person: Bertel Schjerning