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Recent research articles, books:

Munch J. R., Skaksen J. R.:
'Human capital and wages in exporting firms'. Journal of International Economics 75(2), pp. 363-372, July 2008.

Dalgaard C.-J.:
'Donor policy rules and aid effectiveness'. Journal of Economic  Dynamics and Control 32(6), pp. 1895-1920, June 2008.

Johansen S.:
A representation theory for a class of vector autoregressive models for fraktional processes'. Econometric Theory 24(3), pp. 651-676, June 2008.

Schultz C.:
Information, polarization and term length in democracy'. Journal of Public Economics 92(5-6), pp. 1078-1091, June 2008.

Eggert W., S�rensen P. B.:

'The effects of tax competition when politicians create rents to buy political support'. Journal of Public Economics 92(5-6), pp. 1142-1163, June 2008.

Aiyar S., Dalgaard C.-J., Moav O.
Technological progress and regress in pre-industrial times'. Journal of Economic Growth 13(2), pp. 125-144, June 2008.

Barslund M., Tarp F.:
'Formal and informal credit in four provinces of Vietnam'. Journal of Development Studies 44(4), pp. 485-503, May 2008.

Maenner E.:
'Adaptation and complexity in repeated games'. Games and Economic Behavior 63(1), pp. 166-187, May 2008.

Hendry D. F., Johansen S., Santos C.:
Automatic selection of indicators in a fully saturated reression'. Computational Statistics 23(2), pp. 317-335, April 2008.

Jensen H., S�rensen P. N., Whitta-Jacobsen H. J. (eds.):
'Dynamic Macroeconomic Theory: Special issue'. Macroeconomic Dynamics 21(S1), pp 1-147, April 2008.

Alt J. E., Lassen D. D.:
Political and judicial checks on corruption: evidence from American state governments'. Economics & Politics 20(1), pp. 33-61, March 2008.

Munch J. R., Skipper L.:
'Program participation, labor force dynamics, and accepted wage rates'. Advances in Econometrics 21, pp. 197-262, 2008.

Jones S., Tarp F.:
Foreign Aid and the Bottom Billion'. IDS In Focus 3, art. 12, March 2008.

Tarp F.
foreign aid'. In: The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online. Second ed. Eds. Steven N. Durlauf and Lawrence E. Blume. Palgrave Macmillan, March 2008.

Dalgaard C.-J., Olsson O.
Windfall gains, political economy and economic development'. Journal of African Economies 17(Supplement 1), pp. 72-109, March 2008.

Nielsen H. B.:
'Influential observations in cointegrated VAR models: Danish money demand 1973�2003'. The Econometrics Journal 11(1), pp.
39-57, March 2008.

Fehr E.,
Tyran J.-R.:
Limited Rationality and Strategic Interaction: The Impact of the Strategic Environment on Nominal Inertia'. Econometrica 76(2), pp. 353-394, March 2008.

Bovenberg L., Hansen M. I., S�rensen P. B.:
Individual savings accounts for social insurance: rationale and alternative designs'. International Tax and Public Finance 15(1), pp. 67-86, February 2008.

Arndt C., Tarp F.:
'Trade Policy Reform and the Missing Revenue'. Journal of African Economies 17(1), pp. 131-160, January 2008.

Munch J. R.,
Rosholm M., Svarer M.:
'Home ownership, job duration, and wages'. Journal of Urban Economics 63(1), pp. 130-145, January 2008.

Recent news articles:

Peter Birch S�rensen: 'Strukturledighed' er ikke grebet ud af luften. Indl�g i Politiken 15.6.2008

David Dreyer Lassen: Gr�nland: Forbandelse. Indl�g i  Weekendavisen 13.6.2008

Peter Birch S�rensen: Vismandsr�d: Svar p� tiltale. Kommentar i
B�rsen 30.5.2008

Peter Birch S�rensen, Jan Rose Skaksen, Michael Rosholm og Eirik Schr�der Amundsen:  Nye tider for dansk energipolitik. Kronik i
Jyllands-Posten 13.5.2008

Peter Birch S�rensen: 
Finanspolitik og vism�nd. Indl�g i Information 15.4.2008

Peter Birch S�rensen, Jan Rose Skaksen, Michael Rosholm og Eirik Schr�der Amundsen:  Indvandrere har ogs� brug for uddannelse. Kronik i
Jyllands-Posten 6.2.2008

Thomas Barnebeck Andersen og Henrik Hansen: 
Lad tvivlen komme Afrika til gode. Indl�g i Kristeligt Dagblad 25.1.2008
(PDF 12KB)

Carl-Johan Dalgaard: ï¿½rhus-historier om ulandsbistand. Indl�g i Politiken
(PDF 16KB)

Peter Birch S�rensen, Jan Rose Skaksen, Michael Rosholm og Erik Schr�der Amundsen:  Import: N�r Svensson giver en h�nd med. Indl�g i Politiken

Peter Birch S�rensen: 
National�konomi: hvis bare politikerne havde fulgt vore r�d i 2006. Indl�g i Politiken 21.12.2007

Peter Birch S�rensen:  Vism�ndenes advarsler. Indl�g i Berlingske Tidende 21.12

Peter Birch S�rensen, Jan Rose Skaksen, Michael Rosholm og Erik Schr�der Amundsen:  Ansvarlig �konomisk politik efterlyses. Kronik i Berlingske Tidende 11.12

Recent department working papers:

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-13:
Nielsen B., Nielsen H. B.
: Properties of Estimated Characteristic Roots.
PDF (347KB)

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-12:
J. Abdou, Hans Keiding
: Interaction Sheaves on Continuous Domains.
PDF (264KB)

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-11:
Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, Jeanet Bentzen, Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Pablo Selaya
: On the Impact of Digital Technologies on Corruption: Evidence from U.S. States and Across Countries.
PDF (359KB)

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-10:
Bodil O. Hansen, Hans Keiding
: How Likely Is Factor Price Equalization?
PDF (117KB)

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-09:
Marco Piovesan, Erik Wengstr�m
: Fast or Fair? A Study of Response Times.
PDF (237KB)

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-08:
Paul Sharp
Pushing Wheat: Why Supply Mattered for the American Grain Invasion of Britain in the Nineteenth Century.
PDF (199KB)

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-07:
Andreas Beyer
, Katarina Juselius:
Does it Matter How to Measure Aggregates? The Case of Monetary Transmission Mechanisms in the Euro Area.
PDF (262KB)

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-06:
Antonio Cabrales, Raffaele Miniaci, Marco Piovesan, Giovanni Ponti
Social Preferences and Strategic Uncertainty: An Experiment on Markets and Contracts.
PDF (1,3MB)

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-05:
Mette Asmild, Torben Holvad, Jens Leth Hougaard, Dorte Kronborg
Railway reforms: Do they influence operating efficiency?
PDF (189KB)

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-04:
Pablo Selaya, Eva R. Sunesen: Does Foreign Aid Increase Foreign Direct Investment?
PDF (280KB)

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-03:

S�ren Johansen, Bent Nielsen:
An analysis of the indicator saturation estimator as a robust regression estimator.
PDF (335KB)

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-02:
Jens Leth Hougaard, J�rgen Tind
: Cost Allocation and Convex Data Envelopment.
PDF (196KB)

Dept. Discussion Paper No. 08-01:
Jens Leth Hougaard, Lars Peter �sterdal, Yi Yu: The Chinese Health Care System: Structure, Problems and Challenges.
PDF (608KB)


BL� memoserie nr. 216:
Jens Leth Hougaard, Jacob Michelsen Kolind, Lars Peter �sterdal: Danske l�gers turnusordning. August 2007.
Summary PDF (195KB)


Working Paper No. 2008-01:
S�ren Leth-Petersen, Gabriel Pons Rotger: Long-term Labour Market Performance of Whiplash Claimants.
Abstract PDF (185KB)

CIE Discussion Paper No. 2008-01:
Christoph Grimpe, Ulrich Kaiser
: Gains and Pains from Contract Research: A Transaction and Firm-level Perspective.
Abstract PDF (202KB)


Working Paper No. 08-01:
U. Michael Bergman og Shakill Hassan: Currency Crises and Monetary Policy in an Economy with CreditConstraints: The No Interest Parity Case.
Abstract PDF (628KB)

EPRU Analyse No. 26:
Peter Birch S�rensen, Jan Rose Skaksen: Skattepolitikken og arbejdsmarkedet.
PDF (572KB)

FRU Working Paper No. 2007/01:
Marco Ottaviani and Peter Norman S�rensen: Aggregation of Information and Beliefs in Prediction Markets.
PDF (318KB)

Recent PhD dissertations:

No. 126:
Cecilie Dohlmann Weatherall
: Education at Workplaces: Long-Term Unemployment, Wages and Enrolment. (September  2007). 2008. PDF (1,16MB)
ISBN: 9788791342448

No. 125:

Niels Arne Dam
: Essays on Price Formation, Business Cycles, and Monetary Policy. (April  2008). 2008. PDF (3MB)
ISBN: 9788791342431

No. 124:
Thomas Jensen:
Topics in Political Economy: Voting, Elections, and Terrorism. (November  2007). 2008. PDF (727KB)
ISBN: 978-87-91342-42-4

No. 123:
Birgitte Gersfelt: Developing Country Agriculture and International Trade: Impact and Future Challenges. (April  2007). 2007. ZIP (1,67MB)
ISBN: 87-91342-41-4

No. 122:
Martin Junge:
Three Essays in Applied Economics: Social Insurance. (September 2007). 2007. PDF (979KB)
ISBN: 87-91342-40-6

No. 121:
Mikkel Barslund: Microeconometric Applications in Development Economics. (June 2007). 2007. PDF (2,3MB)
ISBN: 87-91342-39-2

No. 120:
Elisabeth Hermann Frederiksen: Inquiries into Economic Growth, Natural Resources, and Labor Allocation. (May 2007). 2007. PDF (1,1MB)
ISBN: 87-91342-38-4

No. 119 :
Jens Erik Nielsen: Essays in the Economics of Transport. (March 2007). 2007. PDF (729KB)
ISBN: 87-91342-37-6


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