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Email: David.Dreyer.Lassen@econ.ku.dk
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Biographic information

Born 1973. Cand.polit., University of Copenhagen, 1998. Visiting student, Harvard University, 1999-2000. Ph.D. EPRU and University of Copenhagen, 2002. Assistant Professor 2002-04. Associate Professor, 2004-07. Visiting scholar, IQSS, Harvard University, Spring 2007. Professor (mso) since 2007.


Political Economics
Seminars on public economics, political economics and conflict economics
International Political Economy from a Corporate Perspective at ILECMA, Faculty of Law

Research interests

Political economics and public economics, in particular the politics of fiscal policy, as well as corruption and political behavior.

Selected publications

Asger Lau Andersen, David Dreyer Lassen and Lasse Holbøll Westh Nielsen. Forthcoming. "Late Budgets." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.

David Dreyer Lassen and Søren Serritzlew. 2011. "Jurisdiction Size and Local Democracy: Evidence on Internal Political Efficacy from Large-scale Municipal Reform." American Political Science Review 105, 238-58.

David Dreyer Lassen. 2010. "Fiscal Consolidations in Advanced Industrialized Democracies: Economics, Politics, and Governance." Background report 2010/04 for the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council.

James E. Alt and David Dreyer Lassen. 2006. "Transparency, Political Polarization, and Political Budget Cycles in OECD Countries." American Journal of Political Science 50, 530-50.

James E. Alt and David Dreyer Lassen. 2006. "Fiscal Transparency, Political Parties, and Debt in OECD Countries." European Economic Review 50, 1403-39

David Dreyer Lassen. 2005. "The Effect of Information on Voter Turnout: Evidence from a Natural Experiment." American Journal of Political Science 49, 103-18.

Administrative duties

Member of the Study Board, 2006 - present.

Other professional activities

Research fellow, EPRU.

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