Zeuthen Lectures

In 1996 the Department launched a new series of lectures, the Zeuthen Lectures, in honour of Frederik Zeuthen, the renowned Danish Professor in Economics at the University of Copenhagen from 1930 to 1958. A personal note on Frederik Zeuthen.

Once a year, the Zeuthen Lectures feature an internationally distinguished scholar for 3 lectures on new ground-breaking economic subjects.

The lectures are made available to the international audience through the "Zeuthen Lectures Book Series" published by MIT Press.

Zeuthen Lectures 2006

Professor Tim Bollerslev
Duke University

December 6-8, 2006

"Financial Market Volatility: From ARCH and GARCH to High
- Frequency Data and Realized Volatilities"

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Zeuthen Workshop

December 8-9, 2006

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Forthcoming Zeuthen Lectures:
2007: Professor Robert Feenstra, University of California, Davis
25 - 27 April 2007. More Information

Previous Zeuthen Lectures:

2005: Professor Matthew Rabin
2004: Professor Eric Maskin
2003: Professor Richard Blundell
2002: Professor Ernst Fehr
2001: Professor Philippe Aghion
2000: Professor Dale T. Mortensen
1999: Professor Maurice Obstfeld
1998: Professor Torsten Persson and Professor Guido Tabellini
1997: Professor David F. Hendry
1996: Professor Ariel Rubinstein